The Best Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities: Offer Thanksgiving Help Through Holiday Volunteering

Bringing joy to others is one way to appreciate life’s blessings and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of gorging on turkey and taking a post-pie nap this year, consider sharing the warmth of food and company with those less fortunate. There are plenty of Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities and volunteer charities are easy to find.
Find Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer charities are always open to a helping hand and finding Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities is easy to do with the help of the Internet. This nonprofit organization helps volunteers and organizations find each other through the use of an online database. Many charities post their Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities on this website. Use the advanced search option to search by location, area of focus (i.e. homelessness, poverty), or keyword (i.e. Thanksgiving volunteer). The nation’s leading domestic hunger relief charity offers a list of food banks throughout the nation on its website. Contact information is offered on each food bank, simply contact one to become a charity volunteer this Thanksgiving. President Obama is calling upon Americans to make service a part of their daily lives. Search for volunteer opportunities by keyword and location and get results from a variety of volunteer charities.
Offer Thanksgiving Help at a Local Shelter or Soup Kitchen
Sometimes the best way to find a holiday volunteering opportunity is to simply contact a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen and ask if they need help. Of course, volunteering at a local soup kitchen for Thanksgiving makes perfect sense. Just as the Native Americans helped feed the Pilgrims hundreds of years ago, so should the more fortunate help the hungry today. A search for soup kitchens and shelters in the online yellow pages should yield results, the Salvation Army may also be a good contact.
Become a Charity Volunteer with a Local Church or Synagogue
Thanksgiving is a holiday that expresses values all religions can get behind – love of family and appreciation for life’s blessings. Many churches, temples, and synagogues celebrate Thanksgiving through holiday volunteering. Check to see what they’re doing and if they need help – it’s likely that they do.
Be a Thanksgiving Volunteer From Home as the Turkey Cooks offers a fun vocabulary-building activity for kids and adults that donates 10 grains of rice to a starving third world country for every word correctly defined. The website is run by the UN World Food Program and donated over 43 billion grains in 2008. This fun learning activity is a great way to help feed others while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. So keep the kids busy and learn a few new words while becoming a Thanksgiving volunteer from home.

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