Thanksgiving’s Over! Time to Plan for Christmas: Early Preparation for the Holiday Season Alleviates Stress and Panic

When Thanksgiving comes to a close and everyone is satiated on turkey and mashed potatoes, an inevitable thought is: “Hey, time for Christmas!” Post-Thanksgiving is the perfect time to kick start the holiday spirit by preparing for the Christmas season. The beauty of preplanning is that the organized person is not stressed, panicked or unprepared as the busy holiday season approaches.

Getting Ready to Decorate for Christmas

Festive Christmas decorations are traditional in nearly every household, and for good reason. Everyone can enjoy the sweet tangy smell of pine; the coziness of an open hearth; and the cheerful colors and sparkle of lights and ribbons and garlands.

It doesn’t need to be too expensive to decorate for Christmas, either. Simple décor like handmade paper snowflakes and popcorn-cranberry garlands are just as good as anything else, and provide a fun craft project for families.

Early Christmas Shopping

Christmas brings to mind nothing if not gifts, and right after Thanksgiving is a hugely popular time to go shopping. For anyone who finds exhilaration in the holiday rush (or for anyone who simply doesn’t bother with presents until after Thanksgiving), post-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping is not to be missed. All the best toys and presents will be up for sale during this time as merchants try to sell their massive Christmas stock.

Baking Ahead of Time Is Important

Nothing says Christmas quite like the heady smells of holiday treats: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, peppermint, and vanilla all mesh into an incredible mouthwatering scent. Families can have fun baking and decorating baked treats together, like gingerbread houses or iced sugar cookies. The nice part about baked goods is that they freeze very well. Cookies and other goodies can easily be made well in advance and frozen until Christmas.

Even if nobody in the family quite possesses the gift of good baking, plenty of delicious premade mixes are readily available at any grocery store or bakery shop.

Leave More Time for the Important Things

Despite all the sparkle and glitz of the Christmas season, it’s important to remember that holidays should always include time spent with loved ones. A day at the spa, for example, is a great way to unwind and connect with friends. House parties or group shopping trips are always popular at this time of year, as well.

With so many ways to get ready for Christmas, holiday preparations shouldn’t take place at the last minute. Post-Thanksgiving provides a perfect time frame to begin preparing for Christmas: plenty of time to accomplish all the decorating and shopping and baking, and not enough time for the season to lose its appeal.

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