Thanksgiving Turkey Activities: Ideas to Keep Children Occupied Before the Big Meal

Thanksgiving is a time when families get together to eat and watch football. The children in the household don’t often want to talk or just watch football. They need activities to keep them occupied before and after the big meal. The suggestions here require a minimal amount of adult supervision, but will keep children occupied.

Handprint Turkey

All adults at some time during their lives have created handprint turkeys. This is a good diversion for kids that requires little preplanning or supplies. The supplies needed are plan white paper (printer paper works fine), markers, crayons, colored pencils or water paints. The child traces his or her hand onto the white paper. The thumb becomes the neck and head of the turkey and the fingers are the tail feathers. The child draws a beak and eye on the thumb and feet on the bottom of the palm. Then the decorating commences. Any medium can be used to color the feathers. The pictures could be displayed during the dinner.

Ice Cream Spoon Turkeys

This is afun activity that could be overseen by an older cousin or an adult. The children make turkeys using ice cream spoons that can later be used as magnets on the refrigerator. Supplies needed are ice cream spoons, feathers; red, yellow felt, google eyes (all of which can be purchased at art supply stores), and glue. The child draws a beak (a triangle) on yellow felt and the waddle (a teardrop shape) on the red felt. The beak, waddle and two google eyes are glued near the top of the front of the spoon. The feathers and magnet are glued to the back of the spoon. If ice cream spoons are unavailable, plastic spoons can be used as well.

Turkey No Bake Cookies

This fun cookies require very little supervision and can be made by the gaggle in a short amount of time. For each cookie you will need one fudge striped cookie, one chocolate covered marshmallow cookie, one pretzel, one piece of candy corn, and frosting (which will be referred to as glue in the recipe). Using the frosting, glue the pretzel to one rounded edge of the marshmallow cookie. Lay the striped cookie on a piece of waxed paper with the stripes up. Glue the marshmallow cookie to the fudge striped cookie with the pretzel at the bottom. Glue the candy corn to the front of the marshmallow cookie like a beak. Stand the turkey on the pretzel. These fun deserts could be used to hold placecards at the holiday table.

Personality Turkey PlacematsThis is a fun activitiy that shows what the children in our lives think we would look like if we were turkeys. For each family member a simple drawing of a turkey will be needed. Someone can draw it or an online search can be done. Other supplies needed are fabric scraps, yarn, buttons, aluminum foil, beads, and any other fun craft supplies. Each child picks or is assigned a family member and writes their name on the back of the turkey. The front of the turkey is then decorated to look like the family member chosen. The children can be as creative as possible with the supplies they have. For example the grandma turkey may have grey hair and a purple dress while the grandpa turkey is bald and wearing jeans. The turkeys are then placed on the table where the adults try to pick themselves out.

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