Thanksgiving Puzzles and Mazes: Free Online Word Games and Printable Activities for Children

As the busy holiday season approaches, keep children of all ages entertained with a wide variety of Thanksgiving puzzles, mazes and brain-teasing word games.

The following websites offer 12 Thanksgiving activities that are kid-safe and child-friendly. From crossword puzzles and mazes to word search games, these holiday puzzles will entertain for hours.

The websites listed below offer two alternatives for playing these fun-filled activities. Choose between printable puzzles and mazes or activities that are played strictly online.

Printable Puzzles and Mazes:

  • DLTK-Holidays Thanksgiving Anagrams – DLTK-Holidays offers a variety of printable anagram puzzles for children. Easier versions are available for younger children. Choose between color or black and white printables.
  • Holidays Kaboose Thanksgiving Maze – offers five different Thanksgiving mazes each with different difficulty levels.
  • Bethany Roberts Thanksgiving Maze – Help the little mouse find his hat with this Bethany Roberts maze. This printable maze from is geared for younger children.
  • A Kids Heart Psalms of Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle – This printable religious-themed crossword puzzle from is for older children.
  • DLTK-Holidays Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles – offers several Thanksgiving puzzles, including puzzles with pictures and words. Choose between color printables or black and white.
  • A Kids Heart Thanksgiving Dinner Word Search – Find the hidden 18 Thanksgiving dinner words in this turkey gobbler puzzle by
  • Squiglys PlayHouse Thanksgiving US Word Search – 17 words are hidden in this word search printable from A brief history of Thanksgiving in the United States is also included.
  • TheHolidayZone First Thanksgiving Crossword – This printable crossword puzzle is for older children. Requires Adobe Acrobat (free download).

Online Puzzles:

  • Billy Bear 4 Kids Seek-a-Thanksgiving-Word – This fun Java applet from scrambles Thanksgiving words and randomly hides them. To play, find the word from the provided list. Using the computer mouse, circle the word by clicking the mouse and dragging. The words can be hidden horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards, or backwards.
  • A Kids Heart Animated Turkey Puzzle – This online turkey puzzle from is animated. How cute!
  • Alphabet-Soup Thanksgiving Seek – Find the scrambled Thanksgiving words from the list provided in this online game from The words are hidden diagonally, horizontally, or backwards. Once a word is located, click on the first letter; hold down the mouse, and drag to end of word.
  • A Kids Heart Turkey Anagram Game – To play, unscramble the mixed-up words. Drag the scrambled letters with the mouse to their correct positions. This game from is for older children.

As the weather turns colder and winter settles in, children will spend more time indoors and online. Children of all ages will be entertained for hours with these online and offline Thanksgiving puzzles.

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