Thanksgiving in The South

American Thanksgiving is truly a memorable holiday. It is a time for family members to reconnect, visit and share wonderful food. There is something very special about Thanksgiving in the deep south.

Thanksgiving with family and friends

Ask almost any southerner, no matter where they are currently living and they will tell you they are planning on going home to Mamas’ for Thanksgiving. In some cases even more so than the Christmas holiday you will find southerners migrating south for the Thanksgiving weekend. The American south is steeped in traditions and Thanksgiving is a special time for family and friends.

Southern Hospitality

If you happen to be in the south during the Thanksgiving holiday and you are far from your own family, never fear because southern hospitality is alive and well. You are very likely to have several invitations to join someone’s family gathering and they will make you feel like part of the family. Don’t hesitate to accept an invitation, they are not just being polite but it is part of a southerner’s nature to open their hearts and homes. Don’t plan on bringing any food with you, it’s very unlikely they would let you anyway!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Of course the thanksgiving dinner is traditional: turkey and all the fixin’s! In case you’ve never been to the south, ‘fixin’ means all the side dishes: dressing (or stuffing in some parts of the country), mashed potatoes and gravy. The green bean casserole is made rich and creamy with cream of mushroom soup – or for a slightly different flavor try cream of celery or cream of asparagus. Sweet potatoes become a whole new creation when they are baked in a casserole with crunchy pecans on top. Be prepared for lots of butter and sugar – they are staples of southern cooking. Don’t think diet for this one weekend anyway. For dessert you are likely to find along with the traditional pumpkin pie an assortment of treats that includes pecan pie, banana pudding and chess squares. Check out Southern Living for all of these wonderful recipes.

Thanksgiving decorations

Home decorating is also very important in the south. You are very likely to find a wonderful fall wreath on the front door and the dining room table adorned with fall colors and centerpiece. Of course, though this holiday stands alone with family time and food – it also serves as the preamble to the Christmas season.

Preparing for Christmas

Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday in November. The day after Thanksgiving is arguably the biggest U.S. shopping day of the year with many folks lining up in the early morning hours to catch the the unbelievable door crasher sale items – all as a start to Christmas shopping. The first weekend after Thanksgiving is also viewed as the appropriate date to put up the Christmas decorations.

With all the wonderful food, fabulous friendship and holiday atmosphere this is truly a magical time that you will always remember, so come on over y’all!

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