Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree: A Fun and Easy Activity For The Kids

Parents are always looking for fun and easy craft ideas to keep the kids busy during the holidays. One great idea that both parents and kids really enjoy is to make a Thanksgiving gratitude tree.

What is a Gratitude Tree?

A gratitude tree is simply a large tree with a broad base and many branches containing colorful leaves. Each leaf has room enough to contain a short written blessing. This tree can be placed on a piece of posterboard and prominently displayed for all to see and share as family members and friends write down things in their life that they are grateful for.

How Do You Make a Gratitude Tree?

To make your own gratitude tree, you will need construction paper in brown, green, red, orange and yellow as well as a large piece of posterboard and a few black ink pens. You will also need a small basket or other container, a large black magic marker and a small tape dispenser.

Simply cut out a large and long tree trunk with the brown paper. Cut out either several long, thin tree branches also with brown paper and tape or glue the branches to the back of the tree trunk. Then tape or glue the tree trunk to your posterboard.

Be sure to leave some room at the top of your posterboard where you will write the following:

Our Gratitude Tree

Please share with us something you are grateful for – write it on a leaf along with your first name (if you wish) and add it to our tree. Help us fill up our tree with leaves by Thanksgiving!

Next, cut out many leaves in orange, yellow, green and red. You can make the leaves the same shape or different but be sure to leave enough room on them to write a short message.

Place the following items in your basket or other container: cut out leaves, pens, tape dispenser.

Put the posterboard in a prominent location so friends and family members can see it and use it often. Watch the fun that results as everything from serious sentiments to silly ones are placed on the tree.

This is a fun activity that can help kids remember the power of being grateful for all their blessings. If they cannot think of blessings immediately, you can use this as a great springboard to thinking about what in the child’s life makes him or her feel happy and safe. This is a great activity to get adults involved as well.

For added fun, place this posterboard near your Thanksgiving holiday table and place a leaf and pen by each plate so your holiday guests can help fill up your tree!

Time Saver

If you are short on time, you can also order these pre-made Gratitude Tree Components.

Being grateful is what Thanksgiving is all about. Gratitude trees are a fun reminder of all that each of us has to be thankful for at Thanksgiving and every day.

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