Thanksgiving – Get Off the Commercial Bandwagon

Thanksgiving can be such an amazing holiday, too often it is under-rated and under appreciated. It really should be and can be more than a big turkey dinner then collapsing in front of the TV and dozing off as the turkey tryptophan and the huge meal lulls us to sleep and a huge mess to clean up.

Thanksgiving is probably is one of the least commercialized American holidays, which is a good thing. Think about your family holiday traditions for a moment. Is it the way everyone would like to celebrate it? Would you like to implement some changes? What are the family’s highlights? What are the low points? Put some thought into it this year before the day comes near.

Ideas to Make Your Own Thanksgiving Decor

Making your own decorations is both a frugal and pleasant way to prepare. A homemade cornucopia is a classic Thanksgiving décor that means a “Horn of Plenty” and represents a year of abundant harvest. You can Make Your Own Beautiful Thanksgiving Décor Items for a personalized touch.

On Thanksgiving itself, create a space to express thanks. This can look very different for each family, customize it to fit yours. Here’s a few suggestions:

Taking Time to Be Thankful

Take some time over the meal to verbalize what you’re thankful for and give each person a turn around the table. When people are struggling with hard times in life, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with something, but as we begin to express thanks, it usually begins to flow. Even if the only good thing that can be said is, “I’m thankful I can breathe today”.

Another way to express Thanksgiving is to take the time around the table (or another time during the day) to share what you are most grateful for about each person around the table. We live in such negative times we rarely hear the positive feedback we so desperately need. Watch it transform family dynamics and see hearts lifted as they hear how they impact other’s for good.

A game could be made up on this theme as well. Put everyone’s name in a basket and have one person draw a name. The person who drew the name then describes this person’s good qualities and the rest of everyone guesses who it is. If no one can guess, then move onto good stories about this person until someone guesses. Then let that person, draw the next name.

This could also be a wonderful time to actually lay hands on and bless through prayer the family and children for a deep and rich spiritual time with the family.

Are there singles or other people without family nearby that will be alone for the holidays? Consider inviting them into your home for Thanksgiving. Sure, it will change the relational dynamics, but it a great way to display and model kindness and generosity.

However we choose to do the food, decoration and all the trimmings, it’s important to really take the time to count the many blessings we’ve been given and to give thanks. Slow down and truly enjoy the time with family and friends.

Afterwards get the food in the refrigerator, but leave the clean up until tomorrow, don’t waste this precious time with loved ones. The dishes will wait, honestly. Try less stress and less “doing” and more “being” meaning being fully present to those in your midst. We really can get off the commercial bandwagon.

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