Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Whether you are hosting a large group of people for Thanksgiving dinner or planning on a quiet family time at home it is always fun to decorate your home for the season. Get your kids involved and encourage their creativity.

Outdoor Decorating

If you live in a house consider some outdoor decorating for the season. You can purchase a fall wreath or make one yourself with items you purchase from a craft store like Michaels. Be sure to include lots of falls colors such as orange, yellow and red.

If you are working on a budget watch the flyers in your local newspaper or go to their website. Often you can find a coupon for 40% off. Compare the price of purchasing an already made wreath against purchasing the supplies to make one. Another great place to shop for home decorating and craft items is Walmart. Purchase one or two potted mums from a local nursery and place them near your front door. Just a few colorful items can really create a warm welcoming feel for your home.

Indoor Decorating

The amount of decorating you do will depend in large part upon the size of your home. Even if you live in a very small space you can create a wonderful seasonal decor with just a few items. Inside your front door is a great place to start your decorating. Pick up a small rug where guests can place their shoes when they come into your home. You can choose one with a Thanksgiving theme or simply pick one with autumn colors.

Fall Decorating for Bathrooms and Kitchens

If your bathrooms are a neutral color you can easily switch out guest and hand towels with the changing seasons. Purchase towels and soaps with warm autumn colors. Using fragrances such as candles, potpourri or reed diffusers in your bathroom or anywhere in your home. Select fragrances that include pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg for autumn and thanksgiving.

Kitchens can also be decorated for the Thanksgiving season with seasonal dish towels and candles. You can also use serving dishes with fall themes.

Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table

There are a whole variety of options for decorating your Thanksgiving table. You can start with a tablecloth with a Thanksgiving theme and top it with a solid colored coordinating runner. Your centerpiece can be elaborate and expensive or simple and economical. If you have the budget consider going to a local florist and ordering a centerpiece made with fresh seasonal flowers.

If you are working on a budget you can make your own centerpiece that is beautiful and unique. For an economical idea, purchase a red or orange charger from a local home decorating store. You can usually find these for less than $5.00. Place a scented pillar candle in the middle of the charger and surround your candle with mini pumpkins and gourds from the grocery store. Here’s another suggestion: take a wicker basket and go for a walk in the neighborhood. Collect bright colored leaves and place them in your basket, then top with mini pumpkins and gourds. You can also add a few small baguette loaves to your basket. These will dry out and are purely for decorating purposes.

Crafts and Decorating for Children

Let your children help you with the decorating. They will love to walk with you and search for pretty leaves. Suggest that they round up all their crayons and paints with autumn colors and have them paint or color several pictures. Purchase some inexpensive picture frames and display your children’s artwork. You can change the pictures out for the seasons so they are always making new creations and you can keep the past ones.

It is fun, easy and inexpensive to decorate your home for autumn and Thanksgiving. Look around at all the colors that nature provides and use your imagination. Turn bargain shopping into a scavenger hunt and enjoy every minute!

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