Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to teach children about fall color, family, and being thankful. Doing some fun craft activities can help children learn about this wonderful holiday in a creative way.

Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is all about “giving thanks.” The whole theme of the day, is being appreciative and giving back. There is no better way to teach children the importance of being gracious than by making a thanksgiving card for a family member, a friend, or someone who needs to know they are appreciated.

Materials needed to make these cards:

  • construction paper (preferrably in fall colors, but leave it up to the kids to decide)
  • markers, crayons, or kid friendly paint
  • glitter (optional)
  • glue (if using glitter)
  • magazine pictures (optional)
  • family pictures (optional)
  • poem, bible verse, or words to a song (optional)

To make a simple Thanksgiving card, use crayons, colored construction paper, and some imagination. Let the child draw a Thanksgiving scene, even if it is just stick people. If doing this project as part of learning, explain who was at the first Thanksgiving, and have the children draw pilgrims and Indians.

After they are done drawing their scene, write some kind words such as: “We are Thankful to share Thanksgiving with family and friends like you.” Keep it simple.

Another simple idea is:

  1. Trace the one of the child’s hands with a crayon, on the front of the card.
  2. Draw a black dot for an eye on the picture of the thumb.
  3. Put glue on the other four fingers, or on the entire hand, and sprinkle glitter onto the picture.
  4. Draw some legs on the turkey
  5. Draw a little red flap under the turkey’s chin
  6. Write the words, “Gobble, Gobble,” under or above the turkey.
  7. On the inside write words of Thanksgiving or a poem. Be sure to wish the recipient a Happy Thanksgiving.

If desired, decorate the inside of the card with magazine pictures of Thanksgiving food, decorations, or scenes. Another option is to draw the child’s hand three times, somewhat over lapping on the front of the card. Color the feathers different colors, place a picture of the child in front of the feathers, and draw a black top hat above the picture.

These are simple, easy to do, little fuss projects for children. Let the children hand deliver or mail the cards to the recipient. Even better, make cards for all who will be attending the feast, and place them at everyone’s seat at the table.

Thanksgiving Book Marks

Materials needes:

  • construction paper
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Cut a wide rectangle, preferably the size of a book mark, from a piece of construction paper
  2. Draw falling leaves, pumpkins, or other autumn scenes on the book mark.
  3. Draw a black pilgrim hat on a white piece of paper, turkey feathers, turkey face, or other Thanksgiving symbols and cut it out.
  4. Place the symbol on the top of the book mark using glue.
  5. This is a great project for children who enjoy books. They can learn to read, and understand the importance of using a bookmark while reading. These book marks can also be used as little table gifts for guests.

Painted Table Cloth

Trying to find the right table settings for days such as Thanksgiving can be time consuming. Instead of searching for the right table cloth to match everything, buy a white table clothe and have the kids paint it.

Use the following:

  • white table cloth
  • kid friendly paint
  • hands, Ffingers, and paint brushes
  • stencils (optional)
  • clothing for painting in

This would probably be a good project to do outside, so dress warm but in clothes to get dirty in. Let the kids paint words of Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving phrases on the table cloth. Help them create hand turkeys by placing their hands in autumn colored paints.

Find some Thanksgiving stencils at Wal-Mart or a local craft store, and paint Thanksgiving pictures onto the table cloth. Be as creative as possible. After all is done, date a corner, and perhaps make this an annual tradition.

Not only is this fun, it helps create Thanksgiving memories for the whole family. No matter what craft kids choose to do at Thanksgiving, help them understand the importance of giving thanks. Give them a chance to show their appreciation by creating something for others

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