Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: November and Fall Arts and Craft Activities

Arts and crafts aren’t just a fun activity for your kids to do, but they can provide a way for you to enhance you child’s knowledge of particular themes available depending on what time of year it is. Using materials around the house makes doing arts and crafts not only imaginative but inexpensive!

Native American Craft Ideas

Native American Pottery

This project takes a paper plate and paint to create. Talk to your kids about how the Indians use to make their own plates, vases and bowls with clay. Browse the internet for sources that visually go over some Native American art and let your child’s imagination loose by giving him the supplies and letting him paint his own Native American plate.

You can further this art project by providing modeling clay or making your own.

Easy Clay Recipe:

  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 ¼ cups water

For older children, let them mix the cornstarch and baking soda in a pan over medium heat. Gradually add water, stirring until smooth. Cook until thickened like dough, stirring constantly. Turn it onto wax covered counter top and knead.

Let your child manipulate the dough into pottery shapes and let dry. Store any leftover clay in a plastic bag. When dry, clay can be painted.

Indian Weaving

This craft corresponds with the pottery craft, reinforcing the lesson of the Native Americans making all of their things. Like their pottery, they also weave baskets and blankets. With a whole piece of construction paper (regular or 12X14 size) cut slits in 3 to 4 rows. Provide different colored slips of construction paper for them to weave in and out of the precut slits you made in the large piece of construction paper. They can further embrace their creativity by coloring designs on the “Squares” that the weaving has created.

Turkey Crafts

Turkey Center Piece

This art project requires more adult supervision than the others listed, depending on the age of your child. Materials you will need are: newspapers, balloon, water, glue, paint brush (at least 1 inch wide), paint, fall colored construction paper, and a piece of rectangular or square cardboard (shoe boxes work well).

Let your children tear the newspaper up, preferably close to 2 inch-wide strips. As they tear, blow up the balloon and tie. Let them soak the paper in water and put on the balloon. After two layers have been put on, let them coat all of it with glue and add two more damp layers. Cut, or have your child cut (using a pattern) feathers from the construction paper. Glue the feathers for the tail of the turkey on the back of the balloon.

Apply 3 more layers of shredded paper with glue instead of water, only covering the bottom portion of the tail. Now let them cut out a large circle for the head, two triangles for the beak, and circles for the eyes while you wait for everything to dry. They can glue construction paper over the cardboard piece and in the center, draw turkey feet big enough to be seen after the body is glued to the board.

When the project is completely dry, your child can then paint the turkey and add the remaining pieces. Glue the head on the turkey when the paint is dry, and the bottom of the turkey on the cardboard. Set the center piece in the middle of your table for guests to gawk at!

Fall Arts and Crafts

Pine Cone People

Go on a nature walk with your kids and collect Fall to take home with you! Pine cones are essential, plus acorns and leaves and twigs. When you get home, hot glue acorns for eyes, twigs for arms, and leaves for hair!

Fall Sun Catchers

Your child can do this craft one of two ways: using a paper plate or using contact (self-adhesive) paper. If you don’t have any contact paper available to you and you don’t want to go buy some at a craft store, cut a hole in the center of the paper plate and tape or glue parchment paper on one side.

Using fall colored tissue paper (works best) or construction paper, let your child tear or cut small pieces to glue or tape to the wax paper (if using contact paper it will automatically stick). When the entire see-through circle is decorated, let him color and decorate the plate however he wishes. Hang your child’s sun catcher by the window to display to friends and family during the holidays.

Together, you and your child can spend lots of time creating these fun crafts, all while being given the chance to educate him about Thanksgiving. He won’t even know he’s learning something!

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