Participating In A Thanksgiving Day Race: Turkey Trots On Thanksgiving Morning

The holidays can challenge any running routine, due to hectic scheduling and their association with heavy, unhealthy foods. Fortunately, most American cities offer Thanksgiving Day races that that can help runners schedule in a jog even on a holiday, and prepare their bodies for the meal later in the day. More importantly, Turkey Trots can remind runners of the meaning of the holidays, as their proceeds often benefit charities in need.

Making Time To Run On Thanksgiving

Between preparing the turkey, hosting family and friends, and timing the meal just right, some runners may find it hard to maintain their regular routine on Thanksgiving. Holiday races are the perfect solution to this problem, as they are often scheduled early enough in the morning, and for short enough distances, that runners can be home to prepare for Thanksgiving well before noon.

According to Dave Camire and Melissa Eisler in their article, “Feast or Fitness? Have It Both Ways”, Thanksgiving Day marks one of the busiest race days of the year in the USA, rivaling the Fourth of July in sheer numbers of running races offered. Furthermore, Thanksgiving offers a larger variety of races than any other holiday, including everything from road races to beach runs to events that offer pumpkin pies to all finishers.

Why Thanksgiving Races Are Popular

Thanksgiving races are a good idea for more reasons than simply offering runners the opportunity to schedule in exercise on a holiday. On a day when food is likely to be heavy and potentially unhealthy, a Thanksgiving run promotes fitness and a healthful approach to the holiday. Furthermore, on a day when runners will likely be spending most of the day indoors visiting with family or watching football, it can be invigorating to get outside and appreciate some exercise in the fresh air.

Turkey Trots can also present an occasion for families to get together and start the day off right. By no means a solo event, Thanksgiving races can provide a great opportunity for families and friends to get together in the morning, well before the day’s festivities begin. In addition, many Thanksgiving races donate their proceeds to charities in need of their support. For example, the annual Turkey Trot in Austin, Texas, will donate its earnings this year to Caritas of Austin, a non-profit organization that provides services for low-income families. Such opportunities can remind runners and their families that the holidays are meant for giving. Starting the day off in a healthful, thankful manner can set the tone for a well-spent Thanksgiving holiday.

Most cities across the United States offer Turkey Trot races for residents to take advantage of on Thanksgiving Day. Whether runners choose to participate for the sake of their own running routine, for the benefit of offsetting a heavy meal, or for the opportunity to donate their help to a specific charity, Thanksgiving Day races are the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

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