Make Your Thanksgiving Day the Holiday Meal to Remember

It’s that time of year again families. Yeah, you know what I am referring to. Make your list and head to the store because it is time to break out the cook books and create that famous Thanksgiving Day spread we all look forward to this time of year.

Have you ever considered how many ways there are to make a turkey? I have done some research and there are just too many ways to explain. There are some people who prefer the old fashioned method of just sticking it in the oven and letting it cook. I myself have tasted many turkeys in my lifetime and I would have to say, I have some favorites that I would love to share with you and that are sure to have your family coming back to the table for seconds and thirds.

Turkey with Spiced Apple Cider

My absolute favorite is what is called the Spiced Apple Cider turkey and it is an amazing catch that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The trick to making this turkey so amazing is cooking it in a roaster pan; this technique makes for a very delicious and tender piece of meat, if I may say so myself. I found an amazing recipe on the University of Illinois Extension page. There you can find many other awesome recipes as well, incase apple cider is not your thing.

There are many other things besides a turkey that make Thanksgiving the amazing holiday that it is. I love the idea of making my favorite yet simple corn bread casserole. All you need to make the best corn bread casserole is jiffy corn bread mix and canned sweet corn. It’s cheap to make and it tastes amazing. Make the cornbread by following the directions, except add in the sweet corn and bake as usual. This simple yet amazing dish will have your family and friends wanting every holiday dinner to be at your house.

Be Thankful for Friends and Family

Another way to make your Thanksgiving Day amazing is to make sure you include everyone. This holiday is all about being thankful for all the things in your life. Make a great start to this holiday by incorporating family. Here are some tips that I stick to while trying to share this amazing holiday with my family and friends.

  1. Keep children interested in the holiday by allowing them to help out. (Crafts and thanksgiving decorations are an amazing way to get children involved and it steers them away from the cooking in the kitchen.)
  2. If you like to share the responsibilty of the holiday cooking, make your dinner a covered dish get together. (Everyone can bring a different favorite for the holiday so there are many things to choose from and an easier clean up for the host of the party.)
  3. Play a game at the table adding excitement and fun to the festivities. (A good idea for this is going around the table and having everyone share what they are thankful for.)
  4. The most important tip of all is, no matter what you do for the holiday, do it for love and for fun and have an amazing Thanksgiving.

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