Make Thanksgiving Special: Fun Thanksgiving Actvities for the Whole Family

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to enjoy friends and family but often ends up with everyone scattered in different directions. This year why not plan some fun Thanksgiving activities that will not only involve the kids but have the whole family joining in on the celebration? Read on for some easy holiday activity ideas that will also stir the family’s creativity.

Make a Thanksgiving Tree

For this you will need either a small table top Christmas tree or draw a tree trunk with branches onto poster board or tag board. Make it fairly large. Next you will need plenty of leaves. For the table top tree you can tie leaves onto the trees or even autumn colored ribbons. For the poster board tree cut leaves out of construction paper and have them ready to tape on the tree.

Now the week before Thanksgiving – or even starting November 1st – each family member writes something they are thankful for onto one of the leaves. Next tie or tape the leave onto the tree. No fair writing the same thing twice! Watch your tree fill with leaves. Have friends join in and your tree will fill up even faster.

Prepare for the Meal Together

Don’t have the adults in one room and the children in another while dinner is being prepared. Do it together! Allow the kids to choose a favorite dish and help prepare it. Make Be Thankful placemats the week before, along with home made napkin rings and table decorations. Even the youngest child can help get ready for the meal by helping set the table. When you allow the kids to take part in the preparation through crafts or cooking, the celebration becomes a part of them as well and not just something adults do.

Make a Thanksgiving Scrapbook

Place disposable cameras in convenient places around the house and encourage the kids, and adults, to take pictures. You will capture some wonderful spontaneous moments this way. Then have the film developed, being sure to get extra prints, and invite everyone back to spend the day making a family scrapbook. Young children enjoy having their very own scrapbook with simple pages they can glue pictures into – one that is their very own.

Make Thanksgiving Cards

And then share the cards with someone less fortunate, like your local nursing home residents. It will teach your children to reach out to others while encouraging their creativity too.

When you do simple things like these, it draws the family together. And it today’s hectic paced world that is something much needed. So this Thanksgiving, make some memories, create something special and enjoy your children.

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