How to Make an Easy Turkey Game for Toddlers: Simple Thanksgiving Small Motor Activity

Easy Thanksgiving craft projects are a fun way to help toddlers enjoy the holidays. This easy turkey craft is simple to make and gives toddlers a fun small motor activity that they can enjoy while mom and dad are busy preparing the Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey Craft Supplies Needed

  • A paper plate (or thick brown paper with a cardboard backing)
  • Brown construction paper
  • Paint
  • Markers
  • Wood Clothespins (these can be found at most dollar stores or online craft stores)
  • Child safety scissors

Instructions for the Turkey Craft for Toddlers

Cut a paper plate in half, straight across the middle. Paint the paper plate brown using non-toxic brown paint (or any other color if your toddler wants to make a more creative turkey craft). Let the paper plate dry completely.

If you do not have a paper plate you can use a piece of sturdy brown paper or brown construction paper backed with cardboard. Turn the piece of construction paper so that the longest side is on top. Starting at the bottom corner of the paper, trace a semi-circle that reaches to the other side. Help your toddler use child safety scissors to cut out the body for the turkey craft. Cut a piece of cardboard to match and glue it to the back of the piece of construction paper.

Once you have the body for your turkey craft assembled, take a piece of brown construction paper and use a pencil to lightly draw a large number 8 that is about 2/3 the height of your turkey body, making the top circle slightly smaller than the bottom. Cut out just the outside of the figure 8 that you traced. Glue the turkey head to the center of your turkey body with the smaller part on the top and the bottom part level with the bottom edge of your turkey body.

Help your toddler draw eyes, a beak, and a turkey gobble, on his turkey craft. Use markers, crayons, or paint, to color your wooden clothespins and allow them to dry completely

Small Motor Skills Activity for Toddlers

Show your toddler how to open and close the clothespins by pinching one end. Be sure to let him know that if he puts his fingers inside the opening that they will be pinched. Help your toddler practice placing clothespins around the edge of his turkey body to create beautiful turkey feathers.

This Thanksgiving, small motor activity is a wonderful way to occupy your toddler while preparing Thanksgiving dinner or visiting with guests and will help him practice valuable developmental skills.

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