How to Make an Easy Toddler Thanksgiving Craft: Simple Holiday Art Projects for Young Children

Toddlers love to participate in fun holiday activities and holiday crafts are a great way to enjoy Thanksgiving and spend time together as a family. This simple holiday Turkey craft is fun and easy for toddlers to do with the help of a parent. Older siblings can join in by making their own version of this Thanksgiving classic.

The holidays can be so much more meaningful to toddlers if they are filled with fun family activities that are different than the typical every day things that they go on throughout the rest of the year. Toddler art projects are a fun way to come together as a family and celebrate the holidays.

Craft Supplies

  • Paint – brown and assorted colors to use for feathers
  • Construction paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Paintbrush
  • Newspaper
  • Wet wipes or old wet rags to clean up with

Toddler Thanksgiving Craft Instructions

Lay out newspaper on a flat surface so your toddler can be free to enjoy creating his artwork. Squirt a small amount of paint in various colors on a paper plate. Be sure to have brown paint, or another color, that you would like to use to paint the body of your turkey.

Hold your toddler’s hand flat with the palm side up. Gently paint the center of your toddler’s palm with brown paint. Many toddlers enjoy the tickling sensation that the paintbrush gives them as it brushes against their skin making this a fun sensory activity for toddlers at the same time. Paint your toddler’s thumb the same color as his palm. This will be the head of the turkey.

Paint each of your toddler’s fingers a different color to represent turkey features. Encourage your toddler to keep his hand flat so the colors don’t blend together. Help your toddler carefully flip his hand over and gently press it against the paper. Help your toddler lift his hand straight up and away from the paper.

Use wet wipes or old wet rags to wipe your toddlers hand down immediately so he doesn’t touch anything. Finish washing your toddler’s hand in the sink. Allow the turkey handprint to dry before decorating it.

When your turkey handprint has dried, help your toddler draw eyes, a gobble, feet, and any other features that he wants his turkey to have. You can use one googly eye if you want, instead of drawing an eye on your turkey.

Use your toddler’s handprint turkey picture to decorate your home for the holidays or laminate it and turn it into a Thanksgiving placemat for your table.

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