How to Host a Fun Thanksgiving Party in College: Ideas for Thanksgiving-Themed Decorations, Games, Food, and Drinks

College students who are thankful for their friends can host a Thanksgiving-themed party. Since most American colleges cancel classes for Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, students can host parties the evening before their classmates travel home for the holiday. Or, they can host parties for their friends staying on campus for Thanksgiving. Students can make Thanksgiving-themed decorations and games, and they can also provide Thanksgiving-themed food and drinks.

Decorate With Cornucopias, Corn Stalks, and Pumpkins

To create a festive Thanksgiving scene, students can decorate their party rooms with cornucopias, corn stalks, and pumpkins. Students can purchase these items at local markets or pumpkin patches. And, for students who want to save money, they can also make their decorations with construction paper, colored pieces of wrapping tissue, and leaves from nearby trees.

Play Fall-Harvest Trivia and the Thanksgiving “Guess Who/What I Am” Game

For entertainment, students can create Thanksgiving-themed games for their guests to play. Before the start of the party, hosts can create a list of ten Thanksgiving-related questions to ask their guests for a Fall-Harvest trivia game. The guest who answers the most questions correctly can receive a prize, such as a pumpkin pie or a package of taffy apples.

Students can also play the “Guess Who/What I Am” game. Prior to the party, hosts can write down the names of well-known Thanksgiving people, places, and items on note cards. During the party, the hosts can tape the note cards to the backs of the guests, who have to walk around the room asking the other people “yes/no” questions until they are able to guess who or what they are.

Ask Guests to Bring a Food Item That They are Thankful for Having

To continue with the Thanksgiving theme, students can serve Thanksgiving-inspired food. And, hosts can ask their guests to bring one food item that they are thankful for having. The items can range from appetizers to desserts and everything in between (which is helpful for gluten-intolerant guests). At the party, the guests can take a turn explaining why they are grateful for the food item they brought.

Provide Apple Cider, Cranberry Drinks, or Pumpkin Beverages

Party hosts can provide Thanksgiving-themed beverages to complement their Thanksgiving parties. These beverages can be based on typical Thanksgiving and fall foods, such as apples, cranberries, and pumpkins. Hosts can serve hot apple cider and cranberry juice. And, they can also serve pumpkin beer and pumpkin wine, if the guests are of the legal drinking age.

From Thanksgiving-themed foods and drinks to Thanksgiving-themed decorations and games, there are several ways college students can host fun Thanksgiving parties. Student hosts can decorate with cornucopias and pumpkins, and they can also play Fall-Harvest games. And, they can enjoy foods they and their friends are grateful for having, along with popular fall beverages.

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