How to Find Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages: A Guide to Free Holiday Coloring Pages, Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

The Thanksgiving holiday means great home cooked meals, quality time with family members and friends and it means that the kids will have time off from school to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

As the Thanksgiving school break approaches, many parents are left searching for Thanksgiving-themed activities for kids. Thanksgiving coloring sheets will appeal to virtually any child who enjoys coloring and coloring books, and this Thanksgiving-themed activity will cost just pennies, since there’s many websites that offer free printable coloring sheets.

Thanksgiving coloring sheets and Thanksgiving-themed crafts projects for kids also provide parents (or caretakers) with an opportunity to educate youngsters about the Thanksgiving Day holiday and why the day is important.

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages From offers an array of free printable Thanksgiving coloring sheets that are suitable for both boys and girls. The list of free Thanksgiving coloring sheets includes a wide array of images that kids will enjoy coloring, like Thanksgiving turkeys, Native Americans, Pilgrims, pumpkins, Thanksgiving dinner, Thanksgiving scarecrows and the Horn of Plenty.

This site also has hundreds of other free coloring sheets for kids with themes like Christmas, Halloween and more.

Free Thanksgiving and Autumn Coloring Pages from features hundreds of great Thanksgiving coloring papers for children, including lots of free print outs with Thanksgiving, Fall, and even Veteran’s Day! The free coloring sheets are organized by holiday for easy browsing of the site’s many kids coloring sheets.

In addition, this site features a wide array of cartoon character coloring sheets, which are sure to be popular year-round. features printable coloring sheets with Blue’s Clues, Care Bears, Little Mermaid, Maisy, Arthur, Little Bear, Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, The Simpsons, Rugrats, Spongebob, Star Wars, Teletubbies and Veggie Tales, to name a few!

For kids who don’t like coloring cartoon characters, there’s also free printable coloring sheets with religious themes, nature themes, animals and educational coloring sheets.

Ideas for Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids on

Disney’s family website features a wide selection of kids craft project ideas, all with a Thanksgiving or Turkey theme. This site has information on dozens of inexpensive kids crafts projects for Thanksgiving. Kids of all ages will enjoy turning pine cones into adorable Thanksgiving Day table decorations, or creating turkey napkin rings and turkey place cards. Other fun Thanksgiving craft project ideas for kids include turkey puppets, a turkey breadbasket, turkey chair covers, gourd turkey centerpieces, turkey puppets and turkey table toppers.

Want to share a great Thanksgiving craft project for kids? This website features a section where parents can share their favorite Thanksgiving and Turkey craft ideas for children.

More Thanksgiving Crafts and Coloring Tips

These Thanksgiving kids crafts ideas will be perfect for Thanksgiving Day, as children can feel involved in the Thanksgiving preparations by creating chair covers, turkey place markers, turkey centerpieces or another a decoration for the Thanksgiving table, while the adults prepare the Thanksgiving Feast.

Another tip? Babysitters and child caretakers will score big points with the children if they come to babysit bearing Thanksgiving coloring sheets or craft supplies for a Thanksgiving crafts project. For babysitters, this move will also score points with many parents, who will be relieved to see that their babysitter engaging the children rather than plopping them in front of the television for hours at a time!

Thanksgiving-themed coloring sheets or other Thanksgiving-themed crafts are sure to be a hit with the children all through the month of November!

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