Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Children

Thanksgiving is a holiday when many families come together to enjoy food and one another. Children can help celebrate this famous holiday by making things, as well as finding ways to say “thank you” to those they know and don’t know.

Thanksgiving Arts and Craft Projects

There are many things that children can make to help celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of the items needed to make these crafts, families may already have. Listed below are some Thanksgiving arts and crafts projects:

  • Make a paper turkey (trace child’s hand on paper, color or cut colored construction paper to make feathers, draw/color a beak, draw an eye)
  • Make Thanksgiving placemats
  • Make an “I Am Thankful For….” book with construction paper (younger children can draw pictures while older children can write and draw)
  • Make a Thankful Turkey (trace child’s hand and have the child identify five things/people he or she is thankful for)
  • Write thank you notes or create Thank You cards to family and friends
  • Make a candle centerpiece by using a baby food jar and take pieces of fall colored tissue paper (red, yellow, orange, brown) and glue on the outside

Thanksgiving Activities

In addition to making things to celebrate Thanksgiving, there are other activities that children can participate in. These activities allow children to show appreciation in many ways. Listed below are some different Thanksgiving activities that children can do:

  • Donate food from home to a food pantry or local organization in need
  • Help at a soup kitchen (all children can help, just make sure the task is age appropriate)
  • Help deliver food (i.e. Meals on Wheels, etc.)
  • Do a good deed for a neighbor or family member
  • Donate old towels, newspapers, pet food and supplies to a pet shelter
  • Make a plate of cookies, brownies, etc. and take to a neighbor

Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Treats

There are many things that children can create in regards to tasty Thanksgiving treats. Many of these treats can be used as appetizers, desserts, etc. Listed below are some easy treats that children can make for this holiday:

  • Turkey cookies (Take chocolate sandwich cookies, open up the cookies, place three to four candy corns in the filling to look like feathers, use candy corn and chocolate chips for a beak and eyes)
  • Turkey trail mix (mix popcorn, candy corn, raisins, peanuts, and fall colored chocolate candy)
  • Thanksgiving cookies (use sugar cookie dough and Thanksgiving cookie cutters)
  • Gobble Them Up Pinwheels (Take a soft tortilla shell, place a ranch-cream cheese mixtures on the shell, place cheese and left over thin sliced turkey on cream cheese mix, and roll up)

Children can celebrate Thanksgiving in many ways by making arts and craft projects, delicious treats, or participating in a wide array of activities. It is important to make sure that activities are chosen according to the child’s age and that adult supervision is provided.

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