Festive Fall Decorations – Ideas for Fun Thanksgiving Decorating

After back to school sales and fleeting summer warmth, autumn encourages cool breezes, bright colours and fun decorating ideas. In the midst of apple picking season, and the coming of Thanksgiving, fall decorating with natural resources can be a fun family activity and a great way to brighten up your home. Celebrate this Thanksgiving with these fun fall decorating ideas with natural resources.

Traditional Thanksgiving Decorations

Traditional fall decorations often include natural resources such as gourds, corn stalks, apples and pumpkins, as well as store-bought decorations. As Thanksgiving in Canada is a celebration of the harvest, decorating with food is not only pretty, but appropriate.

Fall may be mostly cool and wet, but during nice fall days, consider apple picking while apples are their ripest. Apples are, of course, versatile for baking, especially for fall desserts, but they can also be used for natural decorations. A bushel of apples alongside a cornucopia, some corn stalks and a pumpkin is a traditional look for fall decor. Even just setting a glass bowl of apples on the kitchen table can give it an autumn-like look.

Pumpkins and gourds are great for creating fall decoration displays outside your home. If you have summer flower pots on the porch, consider replacing them with pumpkin and gourd displays and keeping the flowers inside for the cold months.

Colourful Leaves for Fall Decoration

Kids enjoy seeing fall leaves change colours and enjoy collecting them as well. Try these three ideas for decorating with leaves. Gather up several leaves in different colours and sizes that are in good shape to be used as craft materials.

Colourful Leaf Drawings: Place a leaf underneath a sheet of plain paper and hold it down tight. Colour over the leaf in autumn reds, oranges, and yellows of your choice. The pattern of the leaf will show through the paper and make for a beautiful leaf drawing. Try not to press too hard on the paper as it could make a hole in the paper and tear the leaf. Rather, for deeper colours, colour over the same spot lightly several times. Larger leaves often have a more distinct pattern and may work best.

Leaf Bouquets: Leaves can be easily gathered and formed into leaf bouquets and set around home in the place of summer flowers. A leaf bouquet may even make a festive centrepiece for Thanksgiving dinner. It is easy to arrange them just like flowers.

A Leaf Mosaic: A collection of leaves can be formed into a great mosaic of a giant leaf. Start with a few small leaves in a line for a stem. Then gather larger leaves in the centre and smaller leaves near the tips of the mosaic. Try to keep like colours together, so as to create the colour change in a fall leaf. Consider arranging the leaf mosaic loosely on the floor before attaching them to the chosen surface, so as to avoid too many mistakes.

Fall decorating is a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving, autumn, and nature. It can be an inexpensive, fun family activity and a great way to bring fall into your home.

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