Easy Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving decorating does not need to be complicated. It should be simple, neat, and affordable. Here are some Thanksgiving decorating tips that are easy to do.


Pumpkins are not just for Halloween. They can be used for decorating all autumn long. After all, they are the seasonal fruit and the focus of dessert at Thanksgiving. So do not get rid of those decorative fruits, use them before they go away till next season.

Here are several ways to decorate with pumpkins at Thanksgiving:

  • Use small pumpkins at each place setting as a table decoration.
  • Place small pumpkins around the turkey plate, making the turkey the main focus and the pumpkins a decorative side.
  • Hollow out a medium size pumpkin, place flowers inside, and use as a Thanksgiving centerpiece, outside next to the door, or (if serving dinner buffet style) placed in the middle of the food.
  • Set three different size pumpkins by the entrance (this is simple and looks very nice next to a door with a garland of autumn leaves, and a simple autumn wreath).
  • Find a few small (not too small) pumpkins, cut off the top, clean them out, and place tealights or votive candles inside (place the votives inside glass holders, especially if they liquefy when lit). Place these around the house in the windows, as luminaries outside, on the table, in the bathroom, or on shelves. Try to find pumpkin scented candles, or unscented candles (so that the smell of the candle does not over power the smell of the food). Always remember to extinguish the candle after it has served its purpose, before going to bed, and do not leave them where children can reach them.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaf decorations are perfect for Thanksgiving. Wreaths, leaf garland, and packages of fake leaves are available at craft stores (Michaels) and some retail stores (Target and Wal-Mart).

For an elegant touch of fall, inside and out, wrap leaf garland around stair railings or entry ways. Hang wreaths inside and out, or around the house on windows. Lay out fake leaves on countertops or tables as a decoration.

This is perhaps, the easiest way to decorate for Thanksgiving and give a touch of fall to the home.

Here are a few more ways to decorate with these items:

  • Place an autumn wreath on the fireplace. If there is a mantle, place some garland along the mantle, and a fall scented jar candle in the middle
  • If decorating a fireplace without a mantle, place a wreath on the fireplace, and a pumpkin or two beside the fireplace.
  • For shelves, windows, or tables, place some fake leaves underneath pumpkins, Indian corn, and other fall fruits and vegetables. Include a jar candle if desired.

Thanksgiving Characters and Baskets

Many stores sell pilgrims, Indians, and turkeys as Thanksgiving decorations. These “knick-knacks” make great pieces to add a touch of Thanksgiving to the home.

Autumn baskets make great decoration pieces for fall. All that is needed is items to place in the basket. Here are some basket decorating tips:

  • Place baskets around the home filled with autumn fruits and vegetables.
  • Place a basket in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom and use it for magazines or hand towels. Tie an orange ribbon around the top handle to give it a fall effect.
  • Place small baskets on the fireplace beside a pumpkin, and fill it with other ghourds and Indian corn.

Baskets make beautiful decorating pieces year around, and give any home a bit of country charm, especially during the holidays.

Table Setting

Thanksgiving is all about family and food, and decorating the table needs to be easy. Some simple ways to decorate the table for Thanksgiving are:

  • Use autumn colored plates, cups, and glasses. Alternate the colors orange and brown or red and brown. Have the turkey on a serving platter in the middle of the table as the center piece.
  • Find a fall colored table cloth or runner, place white or autumn colored plates around the table, and place the turkey in the middle. Have small jar candles on each end of the table.
  • Use autumn colored place mats, and autumn colored plates. Place a basket full of edible goodies (pumpkin muffins, apples, pears, pumpkin bread, etc.) in the middle.
  • Find leaf shaped platters, and serve side dishes on the leaf shaped plates (Kohls or Target).

If serving dinner buffet style, place a pumpkin or a cornucopia on the food table. Buy paper plates and napkins with Thanksgiving scenes, and enjoy. This is a great way to celebrate because it means less plate cleaning and minimal table setting.

No matter how one spends Thanksgiving, make the holiday about good food and thankful memories. Keep decorating simple, and be thankful for a day to spend with the family.

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