Best Things to do With Family on Thanksgiving: Ideas for Activities to Enjoy During the Holidays

After the food is eaten and the dishes are washed, does the family split into two groups at Thanksgiving? One group, sports lovers, head to the living room to watch one football game afer another. The other group, not as into sports, sits around the dining room table and chats . . . about family, holiday plans, and the like.

Why not establish some new traditions? Sure, sometimes the diehard sports fans will insist upon watching a game, but maybe they could be enticed back into family conversation with some planned activities.

Here are a few of the best ideas of things to do at Thanksgiving (other than eating).

Playing Board or Card Games is Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving should be fun! One way families can enjoy each other’s company is by playing card and board games. There are lots of card games that can involve any number of people, anywhere from two to twelve or more players, depending on how many decks of cards can be used. For example, card games like Michigan Rummy or Crazy Eights can involve large groups.

Board games can also be fun. Classics like Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Scattergories can support multiple players. Other games like Scrable, Pictionary, or Trivial Pursuit can have many players who are divided into teams. An, of course, there are always new games on the market that a family can learn together. And what would stop a family from having three or four groups playing different games?

Photo Albums and Home Movies are Perfect for Holiday Viewing

What better time to leaf through old pictures or watch old home movies? How long has it been since the entire family watched the family reunion tape from 1991? What did the babies look like ten years ago? The holidays are a perfect time to share fond memories with loved ones while creating new memories.

Celebrating Thanksgiving by Sharing What One is Truly Thankful For

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and being grateful. Many families enjoy the time together and have thanks in their hearts; lots of families have a tradition of having everyone at the table say one thing he or she is thankful for. But why not start a new tradition similar to this but with a twist?

Have everyone at the table tell a story about something he or she is thankful for that happened over the last year. It’s one thing to say, “I’m thankful for my brother,” but it’s entirely different to say, “I’m thankful for my brother. Let me tell you what happened last month.” Family members will feel more special when their loved ones give them concrete reasons for their gratitude. Everyone at the table will cherish these new special memories.

Watch a Favorite Movie Together to Celebrate

How about some Christmas films to get the family in the upcoming Christmas spirit? Or perhaps the family would appreciate watching films set in the days of America’s forefathers (for example, The Patriot, The Scarlet Letter, or 1776)? Or how about just popping in a movie that’s a family favorite? What’s a movie the entire family enjoys watching over and over? Is there a particular comedy, drama, or feel-good movie that the family likes to see time and again? Why not watch it now? Some people will be curling up on the loveseat needing an excuse to close their eyes anyway.

Family Together Time

Thanksgiving is a time to spend together, enjoying everyone’s company. Whether that means huddling around a foodball game, playing card games, or watching home movies together varies from family to family, but surely every family can find at least one new Thanksgiving tradition on this list.

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